Numbers in Greek Papyri

In documentary papyri, a horizontal bar placed above or next to the Greek letter(s) will indicate a numerical value. Here are some examples from the Oxyrhynchus collection.

1) P.Oxy. 3340.5 (Senatorial Proceedings): ις̄ β[ο]υ̣λῆϲ = day 16, (there being a meeting) of the senate

2) P.Oxy. 2596.6-7 (Letter from Sarapammon to Andronicus): ταρίχουϲ ε͞   καὶ καθαροὺϲ δ͞    … / χαρτάρια β͞   = 5 salty fishes and 4 fine loaves … / 2 pieces of papyrus

3) P.Oxy. 3084.5 (Letter of Heraclius to Themistocles): τῆι κ͞δ ἑϲπέραϲ = on the 24th at evening

4) P.Oxy. 3096.2 (Complaint of an Error in Records): ϛ͞   φυλῆϲ γ͞   περιόδου = sixth tribe, third cycle

Theresa Chresand, Rachael Cullick, Marco Perale, Ryan Seaberg


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One response to “Numbers in Greek Papyri”

  1. mpvgl says :

    Regarding numbers, we learned that accents were applied to Greek letters to act as numbers only when the number was in a quantity of thousands. When did the accent concept update?

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